£7 COLOUR Develop & Low CD

£10 COLOUR Develop & Med CD

£17 COLOUR Develop & High CD

£25 COLOUR Develop & Tiff CD

£5 COLOUR Develop Only (No Scans)

£10 B&W/E6 Develop & Low CD

£13 B&W/E6 Develop & Med CD

£20 B&W/E6 Develop & High CD

£28 B&W/E6 Develop & Tiff CD

£8 B&W/E6 Develop Only (No Scans)

Film developing only with scanning options – no prints.

Every frame is individually adjusted to ensure top quality photos.

Low resolution 350kb
Medium resolution 1mb
High resolution 4mb
Tiff resolution 40mb

NOTE: Please Remember to select which option you require as regards colour or B&W and CD resolution etc in the drop-down which is shown during the checkout process

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